KS3/ KS4 (GCSE) Maths


We will be conducting lessons separately for years 9, year 10 and year 11 students

Year 9 and Year 10 Groups  [1 lesson a week, 2 hour per lesson]

We will do a comprehensive coverage of all topics in the syllabus. In general, each lesson will be made up of 1 hour of teaching and learning and 1 hour of assessment and feedback with the aim of providing continual feedback on the progress of the student as well as training students to get attuned to test conditions. Since in the new maths syllabus there is a greater emphasis on problem-solving, we will set regular homework with mainly problem-solving features.

Year 11 Group  – 1 year

The main focus of the lessons will be on training the students to prepare for the main examination. We will identify each student’s standard through an initial diagnostic test and work out the best individualised learning plan for them so that their maximum potential in the subject is realised. Regular (monthly) assessment and feedback will be an essential feature of the course.


First lesson is free for all students!

Each lesson is 2 hours long

Small classes, limited to six students

Therefore, spaces are limited